Website Advertising

The website is becoming of ever-increasing importance as the focal point for information, features, entertainment and messages and caters for all types of users from corporate clients through to fans, the players themselves, our media and commercial partners.

Our social networking sites are also developing a huge following, with over 19,000 followers on Twitter (as of 28th May 2013) and over 33,000 on Facebook (as of 28th May 2013), and with the ability for very targeted messages, it can be a very effective way for businesses to get their messages across.

Our web advertising is sold in 'skyscraper' format on a monthly basis on a 5 second rotation with a maximum of 3 ads in one web ad slot. We can also provide per view / per click results on request so you can quantify your investment.

Packages include:

  • Skyscraper Ads (monthly)
  • eZine Ads
  • Facebook and Twitter

For more information, contact:
Wayne Hall
Sales Manager
Tel: 01792 616514