OSC Who's Who

We hope you find the information here useful and informative. As you will appreciate, we are still a relatively young organisation, but feel we have made good progress in the first 12 months of being formed...

We're always keen for your ideas so please get in touch with us via email secretary@ospreyssupportersclub.com or talk to us at home games. You'll find us pre-match at the gazebo in the supporters village and post match in our clubhouse, the Riverside Bar.

  • Mike Phippen

  • Nigel Jones

  • Geoff Jones

  • Melanie Maggs

  • Ray Morgan
    Vice Chairman

  • Annette Thomas
    Travel Coordinator

  • Keith Collins
    Committee Member

  • Nigel Maggs
    Committee Member

  • Steve Griffiths
    Committee Member

  • Sarah Davies
    Twitter Admin / Programme Co-editor

  • Louise Collins
    Programme Co-editor